Class Curriculum

Duke EMS offers an EMT-Basic certification class historically taught on Duke's campus to members of the Duke community. This class, taught by certified EMS instructors from Durham Technical Community College, is a semester long course that meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1800-2200 as well as 2-4 Saturdays from 900-1800 throughout the semester. The topics covered in the course include CPR, airway management, patient assessment, hemorrhage control, basic pharmacological action, trauma treatment, medical, behavioral, and environmental illness treatment, patient transport, etc. The EMT-B class requires approximately 168 didactic hours with ~48 hours of clinical experience (24 in the Emergency Department and 24 riding with Durham Fire Department or an Advanced Life Support ambulance agency) The North Carolina EMT-Basic Curriculum can be found by following this link.


Class Details

Duke's EMT Basic class is usually offered once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester. We do not hold a class over the summer. The training environment incorporates some lecture-style instruction, but the majority of the skill trainings will take place in practical, hands-on situations using specially designed mannequins and, wherever possible, live patients. The class meets Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1800-2200 and some Saturdays from 900-1800 during the day. The class begins the first or second week of the semester, and concludes the week before exams. Upon completion of the course, the student must take the North Carolina State Certification Exam, which is offered at several locations through the state at several times during the year. Once certified, the new EMT is eligible to work with Duke EMS or any other EMS provider in the State of North Carolina.


Class Costs

Class cost is $286.50 for tuition and $382.71 for other class expenses (textbook, uniform, stethoscope, trauma shears, and pen light) . Registration for the State Certification Exam is provided at no additional charge.


Class Registration

Registration for the course is handled by Durham Tech.  Information sessions for the course are held on campus once each semester. Attendance at an information session is required in order to be able to enroll in the course. If you are unable to attend the info session on campus, Durham Tech offers other information sessions at their campuses that you should attend. More information about the course and the info session can be found on Durham Tech's website. If you are a Duke student and are interested in taking the EMT-Basic course, subscribe to our interest group here:!forum/emt-basic-class-interest-group to receive reminders about deadlines and registration procedures. If you are not a Duke student, please check Durham Tech's website for more information.


Further Questions?

If you have any questions that were not answered above or in the FAQ section, please email the Duke EMS Personnel Officer at