Duke EMS carries a wide assortment of medical supplies to provide the highest level of care for our patients.

Our primary "Jump Bag" carries nearly all the supplies needed to handle an emergency, including the following:


Basic Life Support

Oxygen CylinderPortable containers of pure O2
Non-rebreather MaskDelivers nearly 100% oxygen to patients who are in respiratory distress
Nasal CannulaDelivers supplemental oxygen to patients who do not require high-flow oxygen from a non-rebreather
Nebulizer/AlbuterolDelivers continuous albuterol treatments to patients who are suffering from an asthma attack
Bag-valve MaskAllows EMTs to ventilate patients who are not breathing or are not breathing adequately
Oropharyngeal AirwaySimple airway device that is inserted into the mouths of patients without a gag reflex to prevent the patient's tongue form becoming an airway obstruction
Nasopharyngeal AirwayAirway device inserted through the patient's nose that passes behind the tongue, allowing EMTs to maintain an airway in unresponsive patients who still have a gag reflex
King Airway"Blind insertion" airway device that directs air into the lungs through a series of cuffs

Vital Signs and Monitoring

Pulse OximeterDetermines the percentage of red blood cells that are oxygenated
GlucometerDetermines blood sugar in patients with an altered mental status
SphygmomanometerA blood pressure cuff, used to determine blood pressure
StethoscopeUsed for listening to heart and lung sounds
ThermometerDetermines patient temperature

Pharmacological Interventions

AspirinGiven to patients experiencing chest pain
NitroglycerinGiven to patients experiencing chest pain
EpiPen and EpiPen Jr.Used for patients experiencing severe allergic reactions
Oral GlucoseGiven to patients with low blood sugar levels
TylenolGiven to patients with high fevers
AfrinNasal spray given to patients with continuous nose bleeds

Trauma and Bleeding Control

Gauze BandagesUsed for basic wound care
Cold PacksUsed for pain management
Burn DressingsUsed to treat burns
Saline/Irrigation SolutionUsed for wound and eye care
SplintsUsed for immobilizing injured extremities
Cervical Collar/Head BlocksUsed for preventing injuries to the cervical spine
BackboardUsed for transporting patients with potential back injuries
Pediatrics BagDuke EMS additionally carries a Pediatrics Bag, containing Broslow Tape, infant and child-sized BVMs, oxygen masks, King Airways, Blood Pressure Cuffs, and AED pads