Duke University EMS currently maintains a roster of approximately 35 EMTs. We have 3 levels of membership: Crew Chiefs, Operations Technicians, and Medical Technicians. Crew Chiefs are senior members of the squad and serve as shift supervisors with the responsibility of training new members. Operational Technicians are responsible for handling radio communications and driving the QRV to and from calls. Medical Technicians primarily focus on providing proper medical attention to each patient. All new members go through the training program, which includes required experience running medical calls, driving the QRV while responding to calls, and spending time riding along with Durham County EMS, the county's primary ALS transport provider.

The Duke EMS shift schedule is currently divided into a number of day shifts and night shifts. Night shifts are the primary training time for technicians, as each EMT is assigned to the same "crew" each semester. Regular night shifts are Monday through Friday from 6PM-8AM the following morning. Members then rotate through weekend coverage, with one 10AM-6PM Saturday or Sunday shift and one 6PM-10AM Saturday or Sunday night shift. 

Duke EMS currently divides weekdays into shifts that work with the class schedules of its members. Standard practice is for each night shift to be staffed by 3 EMTs and each day shift to have 2 EMTs. Each member of Duke EMS is expected to be available to staff one night shift and one day shift each week.

Members also staff a variety of special events each semester, including Football Games, Basketball Games, 5Ks, LDOC, and club sports events.


Application Process

Membership is obtained through a bi-annual competitive process. After submitting an application, prospective members will be scheduled for an interview with the crew chiefs, during which time they can expect to run two scenarios. Based on performance in the scenarios, as well as responses to a series of interview questions, the crew chiefs will make an acceptance decision regarding each applicant.

The application to join Duke EMS for the Spring 2018 semester is now open and can be accessed here: DUEMS Application Spring 2018. Please check our FAQ Page before e-mailing dukeemspersonnel@gmail.com if you have any questions.