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1. What does DUEMS stand for?

2. What does DUEMS do?

3. When is DUEMS in service?

4. When should I call 911 for EMS?

5. What should I do when I call 911?

6. What should I do after I call 911?

7. What is an EMT, and how is this different from a paramedic?

8. What type of training do DUEMS members have?

9. Why do so many people respond to medical emergencies on campus?

10. What is Durham County EMS?

11. Will I get in trouble if my friend or I have to go to the hospital for drinking too much and we are underage?

12. Will I have to pay for being evaluated or treated by DUEMS?

13. Do members of DUEMS get paid?

14. Can I call DUEMS just to be evaluated without having to go to the hospital?

15. Can DUEMS take me to the hospital?

16. Is my medical problem confidential?

17. Does DUEMS provide medical support for large events?

18. Does DUEMS respond on LDOC?

19. Where does DUEMS get its funding?

20. How can I make a donation to DUEMS?

21. Who can join DUEMS?

22. How do I become a part of DUEMS?

23. How can I have someone from DUEMS speak to my group?

24. Does DUEMS host CPR or first aid classes?

25. How can I contact DUEMS with other questions, comments, compliments, or complaints?

Special thanks to Cornell University EMS for the structure of this FAQ. Last updated by Jay Zussman on 8/18/2019.