Welcome Alumni

We here at Duke EMS are so thankful for your service and the work that you put in to get our agency where it is today. Duke EMS has a long history of lifesaving care because of the efforts of you, our alumni. We here at Duke EMS, and the Duke Community at large, are in debt to you.

We also hope to maintain closer contact with and keep you up to date about squad happenings. Feel free to message us with advice, ideas for squad, or if you’re in the area and would like to visit base. You can contact the external coordinator about anything at duemsexternal@duke.edu. If you hope to give to the squad, check out the link to donate. We want you to feel plugged into all things Duke EMS! 

alumni newsletter

Catch up on the goings of Duke EMS through our alumni newsletter.


A facebook group exclusively for Duke EMS alumni was created for easy access of the Duke EMS alumni network. Feel free to post interesting articles, job offers, or let everyone know if you are moving to a new city etc. This can be a very open and interactive space for communication or whatever you all want to make out of it!


Donations to Duke EMS are not tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to Duke EMS, checks should be made out to Duke University and mailed to:

301 Swift Ave. Apt 3

Durham, NC 27705


To receive semesterly newsletters and get updates on upcoming alumni events, join the listserv!