CPR, First Aid, and Safety Training 

Duke EMS believes that everybody should learn quick, easy life-saving skills like CPR and First Aid. So we offer shorter, non-certifying courses in CPR/First Aid for those who are interested in the skills but do not have the time, money, or need for full certification.

Hands-Only CPR

Hands-only CPR covers the two essential components of CPR: chest compressions and automatic defibrillator usage. This quick, simple form of CPR training takes only 30 minutes and is perfect for any size group. Participants enjoy the excitement of learning a new, team-based, hands-on skill that is designed to save lives.

If your group would like training in hands-only CPR, please contact kevin.z.zheng@duke.edu

Through hands-only programming Duke EMS has managed to train over 1500 students in 2016-2017, with over 30 groups spanning staff, faculty, SLG, greek life, independent residence halls, and athletics receiving their own trainings!

First Aid

Duke EMS is happy to informally teach First Aid skills to groups per their request. If your group would like a non-certifying training in epi-pen use, bleeding control, or other basic first aid, please contact kevin.z.zheng@duke.edu


Duke EMS is able also to provide training outside of first aid and hands-only CPR. Please contact kevin.z.zheng@duke.edu for inquiries